2017 Advent Recollection

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2017 Advent

Last December 6, the Parish conducted its Advent Recollection for the parishioners to contemplate on the true meaning of Advent and to prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ. The recollection was given by Fr. Gilb2017 Advent Recollectionert Fortunato Dumlao, Parish Priest of Sto. Niño Shrine and Head of the Diocesan Vocation Ministry. With the theme “Joy”, he emphasized the ways to be happy as we await for the coming of our Savior; it is through never giving up and trusting God’s plan for us (Hope), experiencing and sharing the love of God thus letting His presence endure forever (Faith), and reconciling all things to Jesus and with one another (Peace).

In line with the Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons, Fr. Gilbert asked the parishioners to always be a mirror of joy to others and to continue praying for the clergy because it is through the Church that we can achieve the happiness in life. This advent, we are invited to look at our lives, and our relationship with God and with each other. It is a time of prayer and renewal, and letting Jesus enter our hearts as we share him with everyone. Let us learn to recognize him among us and welcome him with joy.

[Lower photo: Fr. Gilbert with Kuya Dik and Ate Mel (PPC), Ate Ching (Worship Ministry) and Formation Ministry Lead Couple – Kuya King and Ate Jme Gonzalez (in maroon and white tops, respectively), organizers of the recollection.]